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Q: What is trigger finger?

A: Trigger finger (or thumb) is the term for a specific catching or locking of a finger when a fist is made. Often it requires using your other hand to unlock the finger, and it is generally painful.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are some treatment options for trigger finger?

• Activity modification

• Splints

• Anti-inflammatory medications

• Corticosteroid injections

• Surgical Trigger Finger Release

We will take the time to answer all of your questions and deliver the explanation in terms you understand.


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Q: What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the term for compression of the median nerve through the carpal tunnel in the wrist and hand. Symptoms can include numbness in the thumb, index and middle fingers and pain in the hand and wrist.

Q: What are some treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Q: What is arthroscopic wrist surgery?

Q: What conditions can benefit from treatment with arthroscopic surgery?

Q: Is the Center for Hand Surgery a surgery center where operations are performed?

Q: If I make an appointment with Dr. Ritter, is she going to do the surgery at the time of my appointment?

• Activity modification

• Anti-inflammatory medications

• Corticosteroid injections

• Hand Therapy

• Surgical carpal tunnel release

This procedure allows for us to examine the inside of the wrist through small incisions in the skin. It is useful for treating injuries from fractures to ligament tears and arthritis. Its greatest advantage is the ability to examine the wrist joint without disrupting supporting structures, thus providing more rapid recovery with minimal complications. We receive referrals from orthopaedic surgeons all across the ArkLaTex for repair of these injuries.

• Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC)

• Ganglion cysts

• Ligament tears

• Arthritis

The Center for Hand Surgery is the doctor's office. If necessary, surgeries are performed at hospitals and surgery centers, such as OSC Outpatient Surgery Center at the Villages of Bert Kouns, CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center, or Willis-Knighton Medical Center.

Not all visits to see the doctor require surgery. Dr. Ritter is a surgeon who specializes in the hand. If there are alternative treatment options, she will discuss those with you. Surgery is only suggested if she believes that is the best option. Any path you choose is your decision; the doctor only presents your options and administers treatment, if decided upon by the patient.

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